The PRO3X3 Association (The Association for the Promotion, Development, and Organization of 3×3 Basketball) was founded on 26 August 2021 by basketball enthusiasts. On 8 October 2021, the Association was entered into the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia.

The aim of the Association is to promote, through organizing tournaments of the highest organizational level, the tourist attractions of Croatia, while at the same time popularizing 3×3 basketball, making it known to as many young people as possible and motivating them to come to basketball courts.

From May 20 to August 12 PRO 3x3 Tour 2023
at attractive locations in 10 Croatian cities

In the period from May 20 to August 12, 2023, the new, second and better season of the PRO 3×3 Tour 2023, a series of spectacular international 3×3 basketball tournaments (“3 on 3 players”), will be held at attractive locations in 10 Croatian cities, which will gather many well-known and quality players from Croatia and abroad for 10 two-day tournaments.

During the spring and summer of 2022, the first edition of the PRO 3×3 Tour was successfully organized in the top locations of 10 Croatian cities. This way of promoting a new Olympic sport caused great interest among the players, the audience and the public. Thus, the beautiful story continues. This year’s PRO 3×3 Tour starts on May 20 and 21, 2023 with the tournament in Hvar, and will end on August 11 and 12, 2023 with the organization of the finals in Šibenik. In addition to the five cities that were included last year (Umag, Vinkovci, Osijek, Zagreb and Šibenik), five new Croatian cities are now introduced to the Tour – Hvar, Trogir, Zabok, Lipik and Imotski. The goal is the constant expansion and promotion of 3×3 basketball in new environments. Once again, professional photos and recordings, as well as television broadcasts, have been provided.

Players and teams for each tournament can register via the official website of the international basketball organization FIBA, at the following link: The winning team in each tournament receives a cash prize of 2,000 euros, the second-placed team receives 800 euros, and the third-placed team receives 400 euros. The PRO 3×3 Tour 2023 has retained its prestigious FIBA Quest status, so the winner of the final tournament will travel to the World Tour in Debrecen (Hungary), which will take place on August 26 and 27, 2023.

This year’s PRO 3×3 Tour offers improvements and innovations in practically every segment. At each tournament, in addition to the already existing Kids Day (for children), matches of junior U-19 teams will be organized; live streaming is also provided; more players and even better ranked players are expected than in 2022, and even more children and young people who will fall in love with this new Olympic sport. At each tournament, education about 3×3 basketball will be organized for players, referees, assistant referees, children and spectators. The official website of the Tour,, has been modernized and “refreshed”, and a unique interactive poster and a mobile application with augmented reality, which will be upgraded throughout the duration of the Tour, have been designed and created. In addition to the already existing official profiles on Facebook and Instagram, the Tour’s official profile on TikTok was also recently opened. Depending on the occasion and the need, on all platforms the public is communicated with bilingually, in English and in Croatian, aimed at emphasizing the international character of the Tour.

The PRO 3×3 Tour is organized by the PRO 3×3 Association (Udruga PRO 3×3), with the support of the Croatian Tourist Board, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and the Energy Basket d.o.o. company. Sponsors are HEP, Jamnica ProSport, Bigraf, Hell and Lenovo. Media sponsors and partners are Sportklub, and Pixsell Photo & Video Agency.



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